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All night long, a man cried out for Allah, saying, "Allah, Allah ..." until his lips bled.

At that moment, the Demon appeared and said "Hey, Mister Naive!"

The Demon continued, "You call so fervently and, in response, what do you receive? I will tell you what you receive: nothing!"

Suddenly, the man felt empty and abandoned. Depressed, he threw himself on the floor and fell into a deep sleep.

The man had a dream. In this dream, he met the Prophet Abraham and told him: "O Abraham, I called and called for Allah, but He never replied, 'Here I am!' "

Abraham then said: "Allah said: 'You calling Me is, in itself, my answer. Your longing for Me is My message to you. All your attempts to reach Me are, in truth, My attempts to reach you. Your fear and love are bonds that bring me closer to you. In the silence around each cry of "Allah!", there are a thousand responses of "Here I am!" ’ ” 

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