Source: Sufi Poems (Mating Lings)


Brethren, my rest is my solitude,

And my Beloved is ever in my presence.

Nothing for me will do but love of Him;

By love of Him I am tested in this world.

Whereso I be I contemplate His beauty;

He is my prayer-niche; He mine orient is.

Died I of love and found not His acceptance,

Of mankind I most wretched, woe were me!

Heart’s mediciner, Thou All of longing, grant

Union with Thee; ‘twill cure me to the depth.

O Thou, ever my joy, my life, from Thee

Is mine existence and mine ecstasy 

From all creation I have turned away

For union with Thee - mine utmost end.

(Rabiah al Adawiyah)

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